Mole Removal Treatment

A mole is developed on the skin when a group of cells called melanocytes grow in a cluster and produce melanin.  Melanin a naturally occurring pigment providing skin colour. Though moles are harmless, many people consider them as an undesired skin irregularity. These spots have more pigment-producing cells than the other areas. They can grow randomly on any part of the body. Not all moles are same.

There are surgical and non-surgical ways to remove Moles. A dermatologist explains the treatment as to how a mole can be removed as some moles are harmless and they do not require any treatment. Moles can be removed in different ways, can be done by radio frequency therapy, electro cautery or laser technology. In some cases the doctor applies a combination of treatments.

  • Healing time will be about one week to 10 days. Varies from patient to patient
  • As the treatment is carefully done there will be less scarring and no scarring in few cases.


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